Website Link: MBR Motorsports

Location: Barrow in Furness & Cumbria

Job: Workshop Website & Ecommerce

  • Design Complete 100% 100%
  • Website Complete 66% 66%
  • Shop Complete (Coming Soon) 33% 33%
  • Value & Price 100% 100%


The MBR Motorsports website project was commissioned by the owner of MBR. The project was started after months of dicsussions between Rhino Web and MBR. There was already a website in place for MBR but it did not deliver on what what the client needed; It was costing a large amount of money which was not returning anything on the initial investment. This is where Rhino Web came in.

The initial design was to take inspiration from the MBR logo and follow the colourscheme through the website. The design had to be clean, modern, and work on multiple devices; phones, tablets and desktops.

The yellow and black colours work really well together and, as you can see, the theme from the logo runs through the entire website. Yellow is used as a highlight colour for links, elements within the shop, and other interactable elements. Black has been used as the title text so that the eye is quickly drawn to the individual elements of each page. This causes the consumer to get to the area of the website they require with ease. We then used grey as a 3rd colour to act as a bridge between the yellow and black.

Each webpage has the same overall theme but with the content changing on each page. The website has two sides. The first side is the main part of the business which is the motorbike workshop and motorbike services. The second part of the website is an ecommerce online store.  


The next part of the website is the completion of the ecommerce shop and allowing customers to place orders. The longterm goal is to allow MBR to add it’s entire product range to the website as they are partners with many major motorbike performance brands.

Along side the launch of the store we are running an SEO Campaign to get all of the MBR workshop services to the desired positions on page 1 on all major search engines. This will allow business growth to occur by capturing more customers who are looking for the services. 


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