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Do you have your own website?

Are you paying too much for hosting?

Rhino Web offer a wide range of hosting solutions for any website. Whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, and HTML Websites. No matter what you use for we can host it, with dedicated packages for Websites & Ecommerce.

We offer great hosting packages with great website speeds, uptime and backups. We can tailor each package to whatevet you need, you only pay for what you need.

Wordpress Hosting
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Static Hosting
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Wordpress Hosting
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Website already built elsewhere?

Can’t find required features for your sepecifc application?

Rhino Web offers robust, monitored NodeJS application and RESTful API hosting.  Ensure application issues are logged, and the necissary operations are taken to guarentee your application performs at it’s maximum potential.

Your API going down for any period of time could potentially devastate your revenue flow.  With us, it wont.

Automatic Restarts
Application Migration
Rolling Backups
Robust Logging
24/7 Monitoring


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Get started on the hosting package you need. Speak to us direct to see what we can do for you or your business.


Managed backups for every website. In the event of a disaster, or loss of data we have backups of websites and even specific webpages.


All hosting packages are monitored; we guarantee uptime and if that ever changes we let you know. Multiple options are available to ever stop prolonged downtime.



We have multiple hosting packages available for websites, ecommerce, multi website discounts. We also host node.js applications and APIs.


We provide SSL certificates with our hosting packages. Protect and encrypt the data passing through your website. Your customers will have peace of mind seeing the Green Safety Padlock.


PC & Laptop Repair

We’re not just software guys!  We can perform just about any repair your computer could need.  Whether it be Hardware Diagnostics, Part Replacement, Virus & Malware Removal, Data Recovery and even Hardware Upgrades.

Remote Support

Most computer issues are caused by software faults and bugs that can be fixed without a technician being physically present.  Instead you can grant us access to your device wherever you may be, and we can fix it for you whilest chatting on the phone.


Facebook Chat Bots

Tired of wasting time responding to the same questions on your facebook page over and over again?  Why not automate the whole process?  Have a worker that never sleeps respond accuratly and promptly to your customers inquiries regardless of where you are, or what time it is… With zero input from you.

Bespoke Computer Builds

Why buy a stock PC from Curries or PC World when they’re tailored only toward casual internet surfers?  Get a machine that’s optimised and fine tuned exactly to what you do.  Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, photographer, videographer, editor or blogger!


Talk to us about your goals.

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Want to know who you are dealing with? Find out everything you need to know on our about page. Real people, working direct with you at all times. Get the finished product you deserve from people who are passionate about delivering..